Missionaries and Ministries we support

There are many missionaries and ministries that we support, each with their own unique mission and purpose. Some of the ministries we support focus on providing aid and resources to those in need, while others work to spread the Gospel to people all around the world. We believe that these ministries are doing important work, and we are proud to stand behind them and support them in any way that we can. Whether it's through volunteering our time, donating money or resources, or simply spreading the word about their work, we are committed to helping these missionaries and ministries succeed and make a positive impact on the world.

  • Josh and amy Green, Church Planters

    Josh and Amy are currently establishing Calvary Church in Severance, Colorado. The population of Severance has increased from 3,500 in 2018 to over 8,000 individuals at present. It's noteworthy that Calvary is the sole evangelical church in the entire community. Moreover, less than 10% of the populace in Northern Colorado is associated with any evangelical church. Your contribution to Acts 1:8 assists the Greens in their church plant by providing financial support.

  • Scott and Kate Cope, Church Planters

    The region of New England, which was once known for its notable preachers like Jonathan Edwards and Adoniram Judson, now has one of the highest rates of unchurched individuals in the country. Massachusetts and New Hampshire are tied for being the least religious states in America. Additionally, the Boston metropolitan area, of which Bedford is a part, is ranked as the second least Bible-minded city in the country. With this in mind, Scott and Kate aim to establish a church in Bedford, Massachusetts that prioritizes spreading the gospel, promoting good health, and encouraging multiplication.

  • Ethiopia

    Westwood Baptist Church has been fulfilling God's call to spread the gospel in Ethiopia since 2005. Our mission to empower the local churches has yielded fruitful results, with many disciples made, churches established, and communities uplifted. Our church sends teams annually to provide medical clinics, theological training, and guidance on marriage and family. As long as we receive the necessary resources from God, we will remain committed to answering His call to support the churches of Ethiopia.

  • The INternational Mission Board (imb)

    The International Mission Board provides training and support to more than 3600 missionaries who are serving in various locations such as Mexico, Morocco, Madagascar, Spain, Sudan, and Senegal. Fifty percent of the funds we send to the SBC are directed towards the International Mission Board, along with a portion of the Acts 1:8 offering. It is our commitment to assist and empower missionaries in their noble endeavors.

  • North American Mission Board (NAMB)

    The North American Mission Board has the challenging task of serving a region that is both diverse and complex. This region includes the United States, Canada, and U.S. territories like Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Guam, and American Samoa. With a population of 363 million people, 350 languages spoken, and 14 different religions practiced, there are over 273 million individuals who are still searching for a Savior. Your contributions to the Acts 1:8 Offering assist in providing support to over 5000 missionaries who are dedicated to serving North America.

  • Refuge of light

    The Mission of Refuge of Light is to provide a safe haven, redemptive rescue and restoration of female victims of domestic minor sex trafficking through advocacy, awareness and holistic care.

    Refuge of Light is a nonprofit organization that operates a safe home dedicated to the provision of physical, mental, and spiritual healing to girls, 10-17 years, victimized by ‘child sex trafficking’ within the United States

  • Mission: Dignity

    GuideStone Financial Resources has been dedicated to providing dignity to retired Southern Baptist ministers, workers, and their widows since 1918. These individuals served God's people with unwavering devotion but now face financial hardships. With modest salaries from small rural churches, many of these faithful servants had to work extra jobs just to make ends meet. Mission:Dignity has stepped in to help nearly 1,800 people with additional funds for housing, food, and essential medications. This assistance has not only provided financial relief, but also a sense of independence and dignity, allowing many of them to continue serving their communities.

  • living Alternatives

    Through the Acts 1:8 offering, we help women who are pregnant by offering them free Pregnancy tests, abortion education, and confidential support for those experiencing an unintended pregnancy.