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We exist to KNOW, LOVE, and SHOW God by:

  • Laying Biblical Family Foundations to Produce Many Godly Generations
  • Raising the Standard of Biblical Literacy
  • Taking the Gospel to the Nations

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Planning Your VIsit

There are some things people often want to know before they arrive. Let us know if your question didn’t make the list.

  • The long answer to “What do you believe?” is on our What We Believe page, which contains our full statement of faith.

    The short answer is that together with all Southern Baptist churches, we affirm the 2000 Baptist Faith and Message. 

  • Our worship service follows a liturgy of corporate singing, prayer, scripture reading, and expository preaching. 

    From the pulpit, you’ll hear expository preaching, which, in essence, means that we aim to make the main point of the text the point of the sermon. Typically, our expository preaching is verse-by-verse and book-by-book. If you’d like to listen before you come, you can listen to our sermons online.

    We choose songs that are God-centered and have as their chief aim His glory above all else.  This will include familiar hymns and refrains as well as newer hymns.  If you would like to read more about how and why we worship we have included an excerpt from Kevin DeYoung's article titled, "A Theology of Worship" on our worship page. 

  • No one likes to show up under (or over) dressed. On Sunday mornings, you’ll find everything from blue jeans and t-shirts to coat & tie.

  • At each entrance before the Sunday School hour, we have a staff of greeters to help you find a class to join, where to take your children, and our sanctuary, where we will worship at 10:45 am.  If you arrive for our worship gathering, please stop at our guest center to be directed to our sanctuary.

  • That’s totally up to you. That said, if you let us know you're coming, we’ll reach out in advance to introduce ourselves and help you get your bearings before you show up.

Ministries We Appreciate

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