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Sunday, January 9 at 6:15 p.m.

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  • Why Your WorldView Matters

    Much of today’s philosophy revolves around the notion that intolerance is evil and the proponent of intolerance is religion, specifically Christianity.  It is in this environment that Christians must stand firm to our faith and values.  Our view of the world matters because we want to be faithful:


    1. Faithful in evangelism

    2. Faithful theologically

    3. Faithful generationally


    During this study we will consider what the Bible says concerning end of life issues, abortion, modern eugenics, LGBTQ+ issues, war, capitalism vs socialism, as well as other topics.

    Taught by Rick Dees

  • Master Life

     MasterLife is a developmental program designed to help you pursue a lifelong, obedient relationship with our Lord, Jesus Christ and to help you become more like the Master.

    Taught by  Stan Chambers